Polymaker PM

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Continuous powdered polyelectrolyte preparation system, entirely automatic, with a triple chamber tank (preparation/maturing/dosing) construted in high density polyethylene (ofering a good level of resistance in aggressive environments), allow a high quality end product to be achieved.


- Preparation capacity up to 12,000 l/h in concentrations of 1 to 5g/l for 30 minute maturing times.

- The control panel, with system synoptic and operation switch, provide the operator a complete control over the unit.

- The ultra-sonic level probe (which does not have contact with liquid), installed in the last chamber, allow for the unit´s independence to be monitored continually and even sets of maximum and minimum level alarms, displaying information on the screen, a light signal and the corresponding contact on the control panel.

- The low meter regulates the amount of water entering the system and provides information on the screen, guaranteeing a dilution low permitting the proper function within the established parameters.

- The low speed agitators, which features a 316 stainless steel shaft and propeller, installed in the preparation and maturing chambers, ensure that the inal solution is entirely homogeneous (the 3rd agitator is optional). The ability to programme the agitators to function allow a better energy consumption.

- The simple calibration routines allow for more rigorous and economical powdered polymer dosing. In accordance with the concentration selected by making adjustments directly on the screen and the instant low rate, electronic variator positions the powder dosiier to achieve the intended solution.

- The heating resistance at the powder dosiier´s output and the lack of powder detector´s hopper, with the respective alarm on the screen, light signal and contact on the electronic panel, are essencial accessories included in the standard coniguration