Polymaker Mpowder

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Powder dilution system, entirely automatic, construted in high density polyethylene (ofering a good level of resistance in aggressive environments), allow a high quality end product to be achieved.


- Four models range from 500 to 2000 liters of capacity. Concentrations of preparation according to the dosing device.

- The regulation of water low and the dry feeder, with manual variator speed allow the preparation in continuous of varible concentration solutions.

- Ideal for lime, active carbon, polyelectrolyte, permaganate, polyphosphates and other powder products solutions.

- Each system consists in a tank with two separate volumes by a lat half-moon section, constructed from high density polyethylene.

- The level probe controls the entry of water through the electrovalve in the chamber, when the minimum level of water is reached. When the maximum level is reached, the level probe rises up and the electrovalve cuts the water flow.

- The flowmeter and valve adjustment, ensure a dilution flow for the proper functioning of the preparation within the established parameters.

- The low-speed agitator with shaft and stainless steel propellers installed will give a total uniform solution.

- The control panel has a button for overall safety and operation of individual switches with signal light and LED indicators with trend of the functioning of various elements, allowing the operator total control of the unit.