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The controller / measurer Evaluon allows reliable measurement of parameters applicable to the water treatment.


Main features:


- Multiple measurement parameters;

- Compensation parameters;

- Proportional dosing of the flow;

- Connection to any type of dosing: solenoid valves, metering pumps;

- Sensors for any type of application;

- USB memory card to register values and alarms;

- Modular sensors holder;

- Sensor signal failure alarms,overdosing and lack of water;

- Measuring and controlling a parameter at a time:

- Since a speciic sensor;

- From a combination of one or more sensors.




- 3 measures inputs including 1 controllable;

- 1 ON / OFF conditional input or pulses to flow.




-  1 Analogue 4 ... 20 mA recopy the measurement or regulation;

-  RS485 BUS line output, communication port with MODBUS RTU protocol;

-  Pulse or power relay outputs.