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Electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps, with multifunctional control panel with four buttons, LCD display and intuitive coniguration. The three front LEDs monitor that the pump is functioning properly and detect alarm situations or  breakdowns.


Continuous regulation of the diaphragm and pulse frequency allows you to make the perfect adjustments for any situation.


- PP, PVDF and stainless steel dosing heads and standard diaphragms made of PTFE make the MG series the ideal solution for any application.

- The standard version includes an external pulse control cable, foot valve with ceramic weight, injection valve and tube.


Standard version options:


- Analogue control signal (4-20 mA);

- Pulse transmission relay (output);

- NO or NC alarm relay;

- 12 V DC or 24 V AC/DC power supply;

- Timers;

- Remote On/Off.


Optional accessories:


- Two level switch;

- Flow detector;

- Multifunction valve.