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Mechanically operated diaphragm dosing pumps with three-phase or mono-phase electric motor.


The casing is manufactured using PPE, with IP65, providing good resistance in aggressive environments.


The continuous regulation of the diaphragm´s course is carried out by varying the actuator´s eccentricity, thus resulting in a continuous movement in the mechanism and the dosiied luid, minimising friction and mechanical and hydraulic shocks.


- Dosing heads manufactured in PVDF or 316 stainless steel and standard diaphragm in PTFE.

- Optional integrated microprocessor controlled module has the following options available:

- Reed type pulse control;

- Analogue control signal (4-20 mA);

- Pulse transmission relay (output);

- NO or NC alarm relay;

- Remote On/Of;


Optional accessories:

- Level switch;

- Flow detector;

- Multifuction and security valve.