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The agitators of SLS series of slow speed, provide a turbulent and homogeneous system, is ideal for various applications in water treatment plants such as preparation of reagents, mixing, neutralization, suspension of sludge and simple agitation processes at industrial level.

They are industrial agitators with shaft, coupling and propeller type SLS of high performance, built in stainless steel AISI 316 L.

The SLS series is of low power consumption and allows operation to continue even dry. These agitators are recommended in tanks of varying volume.

The moto-reductor used in single phase or three-phase version, is armored, not needing any maintenance over the lifetime.

Its protected by RAL 7001 anticorrosive-paint.


Technical features


In the table shown below are the SLS models, its main characteristics and limits of application according to the type of mixture, assuming the following assumptions for its design.

- Round deposits with anti-vortex side walls and ratio height/diameter <1.5;

- Centered agitator and apeak to the liquid;

- Propeller located at 1/3 of wet volume;

- Viscosity and density close to water;

- Process of shaking type batch;

- Agitation liquids compatible with the material of construction (stainless steel AISI 316L)


Agitation types 


Although only rudimentarily, we could consider three types of Agitators when selecting the appropriate model.

F – Easy Agitation. Dissolution of a liquid in water, type of reagents mixing of low viscosity.

N – Normal Agitation. Dissolution and suspension of solids in water at low concentrations.

D – Dicult Agitation. Dissolution of dense solid or viscous reagents in water.